Get Closer to the action with the Shendrones Squirt V2

Most of our “drone work” has been from around 300 feet up. This allows us to capture some really cool looking videos and panoramic images of each location we shoot at. Our drones have the latest GPS technology on-board as well as sensors that can pretty much detect a tiny branch that comes a little too close. We could turn these “sensors” off of course, but that’s a little risky and we don’t feel like losing a drone at any point.

So, High Line Drones went researching for a smaller drone/quad that would still give us that cinematic footage, but it would also allow us to fly within objects and get a lot more closer to where the action is. So we found The Shendrones Squirt V2!

This drone is considered an FPV style quad. Basically FPV means First Person View via a set of goggles that allow the pilot to see through them and into a tiny camera attached to the front of the quad. This is like sitting in a movie theater and being able to fly while watching the view from the front of the quad on the big screen. It’s a lot of FUN!

This little quad is capable of some really breathtaking stuff! Check out these YouTube videos for examples of what it can do..

As soon as we saw this video we knew we had to build this tiny drone and offer it as a new service to our clients. The possibilities are endless with the Shendrones Squirt V2! Think of it like a tiny flying camera that can fly around your business showcasing your latest products or services. Maybe we could fly around your employees, introducing them as we go?

The Squirt V2 is extremely safe because it was designed with TPU(rubber-ish) ducts that inclose the propellers. This means that we can get really close to people without them needing to worry about being cut by the props. The Squirt can also carry a GoPro around during flight which means that we can still achieve that 4K footage we all know and love.

We took our own Squirt out recently on a hike and put together this cool looking video that showcases the power of this drone.

High Line Drones - A Flight in the Forest

What do you think?

If this is something you would be interested in, then please feel free to contact us for more information.



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