Construction Site Drone Photography

High Line Drones offer a Construction Site Drone Photography service that can monitor the progress of your construction projects from day one, until the end of the job. This delivers to you a time-lapse of images or videos that capture each step of your building progress from start to finish. Providing you some amazing footage to use on your websites, or to showcase in your construction portfolio.

How we capture the progress

It will depend on your estimated project time-frame, and size of the job. For a large construction project that may take months to complete, you may want us to perform a flight once a month, or even bi-weekly? For smaller projects you may require us to fly once a week to make sure we capture each and every step of your progress. But this can all be discussed at the start of your build.

Once we have agreed a flight timetable we can then plan the best angles to capture the construction progress from. You may have certain areas that are more important than others? Or, you may just want us to capture the entire area.

Before we take off into the air with our drones, we actually program set points in the sky using GPS and autopilot functions in our equipment. This means that each and every time we launch we can be sure that the point the drone captures the progress from will be exactly the same as the previous flights. This is important when we eventually create the finished time-lapse. Because it will mean that the final product is not only consistent, but it will also play a super-smooth time-lapse transition video for you to showcase all your hard work.

If this is a service you would be interested in, please get in contact with us and let us know all about your project.