Drone Mapping and 3D Modeling Service

A drone can capture more than just pictures and videos. They can also be used for many other applications that you can utilize for your business. But, unless you have seen an example you may never know what they can achieve. With our drone mapping and modeling service we can bring a 2d world to life.

2D to 3D to virtual reality

High Line Drones offer a drone mapping and 3d modeling service to our clients. This service can create high-resolution 2D maps that are much clearer and more detailed than Google or Apple Maps. We can also produce 3D models of an area that will create a virtual reality World that you can navigate around almost like you were there. Let us show you an example.

aerial images turned into a detailed map

In the example above you will see what appears to be a 2d map similar to what you would get on Google Maps. However, the highlighted section of the map is actually a collection of about 200 drone images stitched together to create an amazingly detailed map, with much more resolution than a regular map application.

When you navigate around the map above you will be able to notice much more detail in the area the drone covered. Especially when you zoom in. And that's the power of the 2d mapping service because you get a much clearer picture of the area in question. And this would be perfect for a construction project or new land purchase that you want recorded.

But let's take this to another level by turning the 2D map into a 3D model! Check it out below.

3D into virtual reality model

In the 3d model example above the software has generated the section we mapped with our drone into a 3D world. As you navigate around it with your mouse you can almost walk around the model like you were actually there in a virtual world. This works great to give clients a perspective on objects and terrain.

In our example we worked with a local land trust organization that wanted to develop a mountain bike path on their land. So a 3D model of the area was requested to allow their remote partners to virtually visualize the location in question from another part of the country.

The entire organization can now virtually walk around the 3d model to view hills, tight turns, and other areas of interest along the proposed bike path. They can then embed this on their website to allow bikers to get a virtual tour before they even visit the location.

So go ahead and play around with both maps and make sure to use the powerful tools available on the side of each map. If you feel that your company or project would benefit from this service then please get in touch with us for a quote.