Residential & Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography and Video

One of the most important factors when selling your real estate listing is the photography and video you use. This is a chance to make the property shine and appeal to buyers who are looking to purchase it.

High Line Drones offer a comprehensive Real Estate Drone Photography & Video Service that will maximize the chances of a successful sale, and put you ahead of the competition.

We will capture both exterior aerial and interior pictures of the property. 4k video footage and virtual 360 tours. And, we will make sure to present it to you fully edited and ready to roll out to the public.

OUR Real Estate Service PACKAGE

Take a look at the video above to see one of our previous promotional videos we completed for a happy client. We also captured several aerial images of the property that gave potential buyers an overview of the entire property from above. This is a great way to showcase the land and its surroundings to the potential buyers before they even visit the site. 

High Line Drones can also photograph the interior of the property which makes us a one-stop-shop for all your Real Estate needs. But our most exciting service is our drone fly-through which gives an entire new perspective and adds a really unique addidtion to your listing.

We also offer the following Real Estate Services:

360 degree drone cameras

We can fit 360 degree cameras to our drones that can cover every single view of the property. They also allow the viewer to swipe around the image or video to see any angle they desire.

360 degree ground cameras

Our 360 ground cameras do exactly what our drone cameras do, but with a twist. We can use this camera to model the inside of the property to create a virtual walk-through experience for your potentual buyers.


We can turn your listing into a 3D model that you can navigate around online. Think of it like a virtual walk around created from aerial drone images. 


Above the property looking down over the grounds at a slight angle. This offers your buyers an overview of the entire property layout from above. It gives them an idea of acreage and space surrounding the home or business.


A birds-eye view down from directly above the property. This image contains the home in one picture. It's a more detailed look at the living area in the listing including driveways and any outbuildings or pool/patio areas.


This type of picture works great to show the front of the home from a closer aerial view. It will usually include any driveways toward the garage as well as the grounds directly around the property.


High Line Drones also offer commercial real estate services that includes everything in the residential service on a much larger scale. We have plenty of extra options and project management solutions that are required when working on commercial jobs. So please get in contact with us to get the process started as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you on your commercial or residential property.