Our aerial video service is not only limited to drones. We can also cover ground video to make sure we deliver to you the complete package. We are film makers, documentary creators and special effects experts. If you have a project idea you need to be filmed, we can work together to bring it into reality.

High Line Drones Video Service will create amazing looking videos that you can use to promote your business location, Real Estate listings, or to capture local or national events. You may even have an idea for a viral social media post. Whatever it may be, why not hire us to get it completed and shared around the web.


A professional video or short-film does not have to cost your business or organization a fortune. A documentary project should not only be available to large corporations. It's time to even out the field a little and offer an affordable and professional video service to everyone. 

Our drone cinematography service could be what you need to take your business to the next level. Our video production could capture the audience you require to boost sales and your social media presence online. Step forward and hire us today!

Real Estate listing video Promotion

Make your property listing pop and stand out from your competitors with our Real Estate promotion package. This includes aerial and interior 4K videos. Professional photography. And a cool looking drone fly-through that only we can deliver.

Time-Lapse and Hyperlapse Drone Videos

A gradual stop-gap in time. One of our most requested video services is our time-lapse service. Create stunning visuals with a twist, and wow your viewers at the same time.

360-Degree Drone Videography

The complete aerial picture. Never miss any action and create a truly interactive viewing experience at the same time. This service puts you in control of every single view on the screen.

Community Projects

Working with The National Parks Service

Travel Destination Promo

Vík í Mýrdal - ICELAND

Outdoor Attraction Promo

WORKING with the Wyndham Land Trust

Real Estate Promo

Property Showcase - Grafton Massachusetts

360 - Degree Drone Videography

A camera to cover all angles

Aerial Event Videos

Capture your special event

Tourist Travel Destinations

Promotional Flight in new hampshire

Short Horror Film

The Medfield Insane Asylum - Massachusetts. 

Fun Project Ideas


Drone Cinematography SERVICES

Our drone cinematography services offer full HD quality and 4K video production. We are capable audio engineers to make sure the sound is as crisp and clear as it possibly can be. And our color-grading skill-set will make sure that every possible detail pops out of the screen and into the eyes of your viewers. High Line Drones are trying to level the playing field for you and make a professional and affordable video service open to everyone. No matter how big or small your project is. Give us a try!