Please take a look at our most recent aerial photogprahy and video work below. If you have any questions or specific answers you need then please get in contact with us via our contact page.

River to the Thompson Dam

This is downriver from the Thompson Dam which you can see in the distance. Location: Thompson, Connecticut

A Snowy Trail to Bull Hill Overlook

Based in Woodstock, CT. This is a picture taken at the Bull Hill Overlook Trail just after the first snow in Dec, 2020. Location: Woodstock, Connecticut

The Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm

A sunrise shot looking over The Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm toward the Atlantic Ocean. Location: Wells, Maine.

Wells Harbor Fishing Port

A view back over the tiny fishing port at Wells Harbor. Location: Wells, Maine

Black Sand Beach Iceland

We had the amazing opportunity to take a trip to Iceland with our drones to capture the amazing Country. This included the Black Sand Beach in this aerial picture. Location: Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland

Bull Hill Sunset

Another aerial image taken during our project with the Wyndham Land Trust to showcase their preserve in Woodstock. Location: Woodstock, Connecticut.

Woodstock Farm Houses at Sunset

We took advantage of an amazing winter sunset to capture the golden-hour colors over a few local farm houses. Location: Woodstock, Connecticut

Quinebaug River Trail in Fall

An aerial view above a bridge crossing over the Quinebaug River Trail during Fall Season, 2020. Location: Quinebaug, Connecticut.

Vík í Mýrdal Town - Iceland

An aerial image back at the tiny Icelandic town of, Vík í Mýrdal. This is the location of the famous Black Sand Beach. Location: Vik, Iceland

Webster Lake Aerial Panoramic Shot

This is a drone panoramic image taken at the famous and very large Webster Lake. Location: Webster, Massachusetts.

Winter Hiking Trail

An aerial image to showcase the open hiking trail at Bull Hill even after the snow. Anther awesome project working with the Wyndham Land Trust. Location: Woodstock, Connecticut.



Harbor Boats Aerial Image

A birds-eye view down at a couple of boats that were docked at the Wells Harbor Port. Location: Wells, Maine.

Goin' Fishin'

An action shot of a small fishing boat leaving the Harbor walls behind. Location: Wells, Maine.

The Thompson Speedway

An amazing summer-shot over The Thompson Speedway. This historic speedway is also surrounded by a golf course popular with locals and visitors. Location: Thompson, Connecticut.

Jackson in Fall - Aerial Panoramic

Our second Fall shot over Jackson, New Hampshire. In this image you can see Mount Washington way out in the distance. You can also see Black Mountain with a ski lift running up its side to the summit. Location: Jackson, New Hampshire

Golden Hour Sunset over Jackson, NH

We were lucky enough to witness an amazingly colorful Golden-hour over the small town of Jackson, New Hampshire. On top of that it was the height of the Fall Season, 2020. Location: Jackson, New Hampshire.

The Nubble Lighthouse

One of our most popular pictures in this one taken above the historic Nubble Lighthouse in Maine. A super popular tourist attraction for anyone visiting Southern Maine. Location: York, Maine.

Fall Road in New Hampshire

A fan favorite image of a quiet road running through Jackson, New Hampshire. This Fall scene showcases the stunning landscape and deep red and orange colors you will find in a traditional New England Fall Season. Location: Jackson, New Hampshire.

Connecticut Farm House

A Fall scene looking over the farmland toward the house at the top of the hill. We wanted to showcase the red colors in the trees at the bottom of this image. Location: Quinebaug, Connecticut.

The Long Pond Preserve - Webster, MA

Another Wyndham Land Trust preserve that is home to hiking trails with amazing scenic views along the way. Location: Webster, Massachusetts.

Quinebaug River Road

Above and off to the side of the bridge that passes over the Quinebaug River Trail, we waiting for a contrasting passing car before we took this aerial image. Location: Quinebaug, Connecticut.

The Fall Hill Road

A project working with an Airbnb owner during the Fall of 2020. Aerial shots are an amazing way to give possible visitors an overview of the location they may be wanting to rent.

Omni Mount Washington Resort

The famous hotel perched at the foot of Mount Washington. This aerial image was taken behind the hotel to showcase the entire property and grounds it has to offer. Location: Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

The Glen House Hotel

An almost brand new hotel at the time we took this drone image. The Glen House Hotel offers some stunning views of Mount Washington and is located right next to the summit road for those of you that want to drive up to the top. Location: Gorham, New Hampshire

Car Motion Aerial Image

We wanted to capture motion in this image as a car drove down a road through the forest. This would be a great way to show off a new car launch. Location: Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

Providence & Worcester Railroad

This top-down view was taken hovering above the Providence & Worcester Railroad tracks as it runs under some colorful trees next to the North Grosvenor Dale Pond. Location: North Grosvenor Dale, Connecticut.

A Sunny Outlook

A great way to capture your property or event location is to use an aerial image like this one. Looking down from above you get to share your entire locations footprint with your family or visitors.

2019 Community Event

The Town of Thompson held a community day for local people to showcase their businesses... this included us. We created a promotional video and took several aerial images to capture the day for the Town. Location: Thompson, Connecticut.

Antique Home Project Property Front

This image captures the front of the antique home and was used in an Antiques Homes Magazine feature. The property was sold a couple of weeks after being listed. Location: Grafton, Massachusetts.

Antique Home Project Property Overview

Working with a local real estate company that specializes in the sale of antique homes. This project was to capture the property from above to allow potential buyers to see the home with its surrounding land. Location: Grafton, Massachusetts.

The Becket Quarry

This historic abandoned quarry site still has the old winches, buildings and machinery in place almost like they left it many years ago. This is a top-down view of the quarry itself taken at about 350'. Location: Quarry Rd, Becket, Massachusetts.

Enfield Congregational Church Project

We worked with the ECC to create a promotional video and capture several aerial images of their church. This will be used to promote it to the local residents via their website and social media pages. Location: Enfield, Connecticut.

2019 Community Event - Vertical Panoramic

Another aerial image taken above the 2019 Town of Thompson Community Day Event.Location: Thompson, Connecticut.

Abandoned Cotton Factory

Just off of Route 6 in East Brooklyn, CT. This abandoned cotton factory can be seen just off the side of the road. We had to pay it a visit and send up our drones to get an aerial perspective of the property. Such a cool location! Location: Brooklyn, Connecticut.

The Medfield Insane Asylum

We took a day-trip out to the old Medfield State Hospital(Former Insane Asylum) to capture some aerial pictures and videos of the site. This is just one of those images that covers most of the buildings and the grounds. Location: Medfield, Massachusetts.

Vík í Mýrdal Town

The perfect Icelandic fishing village surrounded my mountains and the Black Sand Beach. It may be small, but it really does represent a lot of what Iceland is all about. Location: Vik, Iceland

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