Aerial Property Reclamation Service?

"Aerial Property Reclamation Service?" Let us explain:). This drone service is available to any property owner or Land Trust who are looking to discover what historic treasures their land could be hiding in the dirt.

You may have lived on a property for years but have never even thought about what could be lying just a few inches below the surface. Your land could be hiding a truly historic secret? It may have been heavily traveled on by settlers or tribes? Or been used as an army post during the revolution? Let us find out for you.

High Line Drones will utilize our drones to fly above the property to create a map of the area in question. We then examine the map looking for any areas of interest, like old structures or indentations in the ground that you would not see on foot. Once an area of interest has been established we then section off around the area and undertake a full ground scan with our metal detectors.



We uncovered the items in this picture by using our aerial drone map and powerful software to color code the properties terrain based on elevation. We noticed an "area of interest" to focus our attention on. Usually this resembles an old foundation or man-made formation of rocks or debris.

The area of interest is then pinpointed using GPS before we research the area at ground level. Each item we find is logged using GPS coordinates and then placed in evidence bags and referenced with each location.

Our aerial map is then updated with the find so that you have a snapshot of where each item was discovered for future reference.

Aerial Terrain Map

This is the aerial terrain map we used to locate an area of interest based on what we thought looked like a possible foundation. In this split screen image you can see that the software makes it much easier to notice the oddity on the ground.

When this section was searched we uncovered an old chain link, two old nails and a chewing tobacco tin lid. Also not pictured was an unidentified chunk of iron.  


We have worked with Land Trusts, Local Towns, farmers and families looking to find out what could be hiding on their land. With most of our previous clients the need was to find anything of possible value or significance before their land was redeveloped and lost forever. 

This service was also required to find a possible old cart road on a land conservation project. We were tasked with finding any evidence that could point to a former path the was now hidden in the undergrowth. We scanned 67 acres to narrow it down to two possible sections to explore. One of which clearly showed evidence of a previously traveled path. 

If our Aerial Reclamation Service sounds like something you would be interested in. Please click the link below to find out more.