The Medfield Insane Asylum[abandoned]

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Freaky Finds #1: - The Medfield Insane Asylum

High Line Drones visited the now closed and abandoned, Medfield State Hospital[former Insane Asylum] recently. We had previously researched online to find some unique locations to film at, and this was top of our list.

The building complex was built in 1892, and was Massachusetts first location to try and treat patients with chronic mental issues. Here is a quote from Wiki
At its height the complex included 58 buildings, on a property of some 1.4 sq mi (3.6 km2), and a capacity of 2,200 patients. It raised its own livestock and produce, and generated its own heat, light and power. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994, the property was closed in April 2003 and the buildings shuttered. The grounds have been reopened to the public and are open every day from 6 am to 6 pm. It has been used as a filming location for major thriller/horror motion pictures such as The New Mutants, Shutter Island, and The Box.
As with any historic institution there are tales of abuse and miss-treatment, with a death-rate as high as four ‘inmates’ a week at its peak during the early years. However, in later years the hospital turned things around and changed the way the patients were treated.
In the 1950's new and revolutionary psychotropic drugs were introduced into health care, drastically changing the care of the mentally ill. Because of these new drugs, more patients were able to be discharged. Under the leadership of Dr. Harold Lee, Medfield gained national recognition for its rehabilitation program which incorporated a "step-system" of increasing independent living situations on campus and a vocational program to increase work skills for transition into the community.

Check out our horror inspired mini-movie from the Medfield Insane Asylum, below.

 Time to tour the abandoned Medfield Insane Asylum! You can leave it.... But can it leave you? Watch in the dark and with your volume up! But only if you DARE!

Check out the High Line Drones aerial and ground tour of the now closed Medfield Insane Asylum in, Massachusetts.

In its retirement, the Medfield State Hospital has been used as a filming location for a few Hollywood movies and TV shows. And you can see why if you ever visit the facility. The Town have closed all the buildings to the public, but do allow people to walk around and use the grounds from dawn to dusk.

High Line Drones decided to put together our own mini-movie at the location. This was inspired by the early years at the Insane Asylum, as well as being a cool little promotional video for the location, just incase you are brave enough to visit? If you are, check out the bottom of this post where we will list the location and other places of interest.

1 Stonegate Dr,
MA 02052



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by Dot Munson on June 10, 2024

I just moved into Medfield recently and learned that this place is just down the way. I am an avid ghost enthusiast and think I may be taking a walk around the grounds pretty soon (insert major hand clapping here). Thanks for this video…you’re right…lights out and volume up is perfect for viewers who want the full affect ;-)


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