The Ummagawd 95 Quad Build Video - Plus GoPro Hero 6 Teardown

Our second quad build video features the awesome, Umma95 Build Bundle! We take you through each complete step of the build from start to finish.... including the GoPro Hero 6 teardown!!! We also cover Betaflight settings, upgrades, tips and tricks to make this difficult build as easy as possible.

Check out the Complete Umma95 Build Video below:

 As we said in the build video above we want to make it as easy as possible for you to follow along and finish your own Umma95 Quad Build with us. So here are some pictures for you to reference just in case you get stuck..... like we did a few times. They include Betaflight settings and close up wiring images for you to reference if you get confused along the way.

Umma95 FPV Drone Bundle Betaflight Settings & Build Pictures:



What's so GOOD about the Umma95 FPV Drone

We came across the Umma95 drone during our search for a super-small FPV quad. High Line Drones were hired on a project to promote a local attraction. In this project we were asked if we could fly through a small tunnel? Of course we can!!?;)

This became a mission to find and build an FPV quad capable of delivering what the client asked for. And one that was capable of fitting a GoPro Hero 6 on-board. The reason we went with the Umma95 was not only for its size or GoPro carrying capabilities. It was also because it was equipped with the Caddx Vista meaning we could use it with our DJI Digital FPV System. Which we knew was the combination we needed to achieve our mission.

What's NOT so good about the Umma95 FPV Drone

If you want to get really picky about the Umma95 drone and ask us to list a few cons about it. There would only be a couple, one of which is no surprise for a small and light quad. And that would be the wind! If it's breezy, it ain't gonna be easy!

The other would be the access to the serial port. Once the quad is built it's a huge pain to get to the port to hook it up to Betaflight. You have to remove the landing pad and unscrew the Flight Controller each and every time you want to make changes. 

Umma95 Build Bundle Product Links:

This is a list of links to everything we used in our own Umma95 build to get you started. Not all are necessary, but if you want to build the exact quad we did then the links are below.

The Complete Umma95 Build Bundle Kit:

Separate Parts List:
The Frame:
Caddx Vista:
DJI Digital FPV Transmitter:
BEC Board:
GoPro Hero 6:

Our Umma95 Upgrades:
iFlight Motors:
The Crazepony Props:

Tools used:
Soldering Mat:
Hakko FX888D Soldering Iron:

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Umma95 Build Video Questions:

Any questions or comments you may have about our Umma95 build please feel free to either leave them on YouTube, or in the comments below. We will do our very best to answer every comment you leave.

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by Craig Brown on June 10, 2024

I followed your build on the umma95. Thanks!! FYI I flipped the FC and cut the tpu landing pad for easy access to plug in. Also relocated tx and Rx1 to the opposite side of FC. All seems good thus far!


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