Welcome to the High Line Drones blog

Our first post on the High Line Blog! This section of our website will be dedicated to our latest adventures and our plans for the future. We will also feature any updates in the drone World like products we are using, or new products we are selling. So keep checking back for the latest updates.

High Line Drones will also use this blog to feature some of our clients who want to share their story with you. This could be for fundraisers, local events, or to give a shout out for their business or current project ideas. We will try to feature one client a week as this hopefully gets off the ground.

Because we are a newer drone business, we would like to offer insights into the running of our own business and also some behind the scenes information that you may be able to apply to your own. This will cover topics like marketing, promotion, search engine stuff and running a website. Hopefully we can share some good information with you to keep your own businesses on the right track.


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