Our drone services offer multiple applications for you to employ. But one of the most requested is our aerial photography service. Not only does this service supply you with a completely different perspective, but it’s also one of the best ways to stay ahead of your competition and promote your business or event.

Check out some of our aerial drone services in Woodstock below.

Woodstock Town Photography


Showcase your town for residents or tourists by using our drone aerial photography service. High Line Drones will fly above your town and capture several high resolution images that you could use for events, or promotional projects.

Woodstock Event Aerial Photography

Nothing captures and keeps memories better than a picture. If you are planning an event for your town, club, family or friends. Why not let us record the moment with our drones? We can create everlasting memories that you can treasure forever.

Commercial & Residential Real Estate Aerial Photography in Woodstock

Nothing gives a better perspective of a property than an aerial image. Capture the layout of the land and give possible buyers a birds-eye view of their potential new family home, or business location in Woodstock. High Line Drones will take several aerial images of your property and then our powerful software will stitch each image together to create a perfect panoramic picture that you can showcase to your potential buyers.

Here are a few other aerial photography services we offer.

  • Aerial Golf Course Photography Woodstock
  • Construction Site Photography 
  • Aerial School Photography
  • Roof Surveys & Insurance Claim Inspections 
  • Wedding Aerial Photography
  • Real Estate Video & Drone Photography Woodstock
  • Corporate Event Aerial Photography
  • Concert Aerial Drone Videos